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A. C. Laha Pilot High School

The main objective of an educational institution is to develop a holistic and balanced development of students through maintaining a good education environment. And the lion's share of responsibility is on the head or the headmaster appointed company. The whole school, society, and state-of-the-state development are dependent on the mind-mentality of the main teacher's skills, skills, foresight and change. Every head teacher wants his company to be familiar with different activism. And that is why a strategic plan or whose main goal is to adopt a strategy to achieve action, which is not just a matter of thinking but in the realization. The plan means, preparing for a job, and planning this plan as a plan of action, . The type of leadership of an organization, the efficiency of the employees of the organization, Strategic planning is the plan that is taken to achieve future challenges and objectives and objectives of the organization. Considering the current position in the strategic plan, the objectives are organized to achieve the future goals of the organization and on the basis of which the strategy is set.

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